Former Moldovan President Detained over Alleged Bribe, Treason 

Pro-Russian former Moldovan President Igor Dodon was detained by prosecutors on Tuesday on four charges including corruption and treason.

Investigators searched Dodon's Chisinau home, his mother's house and a villa being built by the Dodon family by the Dniester River, seizing tens of thousands of euros in cash and half a million lei [25,000 euros], anti-graft prosecutors said.

Celebrating Victory Day, Pro-Russian Moldovans Defy Law on Symbols

Several thousand people in Moldova's capital Chisinau took part in an "Immortal Regiment" march on Monday, organised by the pro-Russian Socialist Party, PSRM, many of them breaking a new law that bans the display of symbols glorifying the former Soviet communist regime.

Moldova does not see Immediate Threat but Prepares for the Worst

Moldova does not see an immediate threat of riots and violence to be transferred from the war in Ukraine, despite "provocations" by pro-Russian separatists in recent days. But authorities are preparing contingency plans for "pessimistic" scenarios, President Maia Sandu said on Wednesday.

Times: Moscow has made a Decision to Attack Moldova

Moscow is already paving the way for the conquest of Moldova, the British Times writes, adding that the invasion of the former Soviet republic could take place on May 9. According to the British edition on May 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin may declare recognition of the independence of the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic.