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Many Greeks would rather spend the weekend abroad than in the countryside

Flights abroad for the long weekends of Clean Monday and Independence Day on March 25 are showing increased occupancy rates of over 75%.

For those departing this weekend from Athens, the most popular destinations are Oslo, Bologna, Geneva, Amsterdam and Lisbon, while those departing from Thessaloniki mainly travel to Frankfurt, Berlin, Larnaca, Munich and Dusseldorf.

Exhibition pays tribute to Turkish painter

As part of the International Women's Day events, a painting exhibition, titled "Painter Mihri in Istanbul, Rome, New York" has recently opened at Vadistanbul Shopping Mall.

The exhibition, featuring works by Mihri Rasim Müşfik Açba, one of the first contemporary female painters in Türkiye, will be on display through March 10.

Packaging firms eye larger share in European market

Turkish packaging manufacturers aim to boost their exports to the large European market, with North America also on their radar for expansion.

Europe absorbs some 60 percent of the local packaging sector's $7.5 billion worth of exports, said Zeki Sarıbekir, the head of the Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD).

Kraftwerk | Athens | July 16

Radical electronica pioneers Kraftwerk promise an audiovisual extravaganza at one of the world's most iconic ancient theaters, the Herod Atticus at the Acropolis. The Dusseldorf-based outfit, which helped popularize the innovative genre after breaking out in the 1970s, has continued to make inroads ever since.

High turnout prompts extra ballot boxes abroad

The number of expatriate votes cast in Türkiye's upcoming elections has reached nearly 1.2 million, prompting the government to set up additional ballot boxes abroad.

More than 3.4 million Turkish citizens living abroad are eligible to vote for the presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for May 14 at home, around 277,000 of whom are first-time voters.

Boosted by war, German arms maker joins DAX index

German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall joined Frankfurt's blue-chip DAX index yesterday, highlighting the improving fortunes of the country's weapons industry as the Ukraine war spurs demand.

In a country still haunted by Nazi atrocities during World War II, Germany's weapons manufacturers were far from the country's most celebrated firms.