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High turnout prompts extra ballot boxes abroad

The number of expatriate votes cast in Türkiye's upcoming elections has reached nearly 1.2 million, prompting the government to set up additional ballot boxes abroad.

More than 3.4 million Turkish citizens living abroad are eligible to vote for the presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for May 14 at home, around 277,000 of whom are first-time voters.

Boosted by war, German arms maker joins DAX index

German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall joined Frankfurt's blue-chip DAX index yesterday, highlighting the improving fortunes of the country's weapons industry as the Ukraine war spurs demand.

In a country still haunted by Nazi atrocities during World War II, Germany's weapons manufacturers were far from the country's most celebrated firms.

Mondrian painting hanging upside down for 77 years

A painting by Dutch abstract painter Piet Mondrian has been hanging upside down for 77 years, says a curator at the German museum.

A large retrospective of the avant garde artist's work went on display Saturday at the Kunstsammlung museum in Dusseldorf, and one of the pieces on show is "New York City 1," painted in 1941.

Counter-Petition Launched against Request to Lift Ban on Religious Dress in Kosovo Schools

An online petition against the wearing of headscarves by Muslim girls in schools has been initiated in Kosovo, following an earlier petition calling for girls who wear a headscarf to be allowed to attend public schools was closed by organisers on Saturday over claims that their campaign had caught the attention of decision-makers.