A Shooting at a Dormitory in Texas, Two People were Shot Dead

There was a shooting in the dormitories of the campus of Texas A&M University in Commerce 80 miles from Dallas, Reuters reports.

All classes of 12,000 students in this Texas A&M branch were canceled.

Students, faculty and staff were instructed to take shelter and stay in place until further notice. This was a precautionary measure.

Representatives from 20 Countries Will Participate in a Charity Marathon to Support Women with Breast Cancer

On September 29, in South Park in Sofia, representatives from 20 countries will run to support women with breast cancer. The cause of the marathon is to unite women in their battle for life with their families, friends and associates.

Mass Shooting in the US: 20 Killed in the Texas Shooting and 26 Wounded

20 people were killed and 26 were injured in a shooting at a shopping mall in the US city of El Paso, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said.

A 21-year-old white man living in the Dallas area was arrested for the attack. Abbot said it was one of the bloodiest days in state history.

Uber Launches Uber Air in Australia

Uber announced that Australia will be the first foreign ticket market for the Uber Air flight service.

The company has chosen Melbourne as the third pilot city for its air taxi program after Dallas and Los Angeles.

Test flights should begin in 2020, and their business activity in 2023.

Several companies are developing flying taxis as a future mode of transport.