Lufthansa Orchestra to Play at Sofia Airport in June

Lufthansa Orchestra – the symphonic orchestra of Lufthansa employees from across the world – will have a concert in Sofia on June 29. 

The event, dubbed Music in the Sky, will be held in the hangar of Lufthansa Technik at the Sofia Airport and will co-star Bulgarian jazz singer Beloslava and the band of Zhivko Petrov. 

ECB to charge banks Ä15m in annual supervisory fees

The European Central Bank plans to charge lenders as much as €15 million a year in supervisory fees. The largest institutions will be hit with annual levies of this size, according to draft proposals from the central bank. Most of the approximately 130 lenders under its direct supervision will pay between €700,000 and €2 million.

Mersch says Draghi comments reflect Trichet’s 'strong vigilance’

The European Central Bank has indicated that it is close to easing monetary policy in June, according to Executive Board member Yves Mersch.

ECB President Mario Draghi’s comment on May 8 that officials are “comfortable” with taking action next month is similar to the policy signals given by his predecessor, Jean- Claude Trichet, Mersch said at an event in Berlin.

Draghi’s patience snaps on euro as ECB threatens response

Stefan Riecher & Rainer Buergin

Mario Draghi’s patience with the euro has snapped.

“The strengthening of the exchange rate requires further monetary stimulus,” European Central Bank President Draghi told reporters in Washington on April 12. “That’s an important dimension for our price stability.”