Thirty-five Bulgarians Cannot Fly out of Frankfurt

Thirty-five Bulgarians are at Frankfurt Airport after failing to depart a regular Wizz Air flight at 3.10pm.

They claim that the airline and the airport authorities are to blame for the delay, which has preceded the situation, and for now, Wizz Air refuses to provide them with new tickets for a future flight to their homeland.

223 Publishers have been Supported by BSMEPA in the Last Years

„223 publishers have been supported by Bulgarian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Promotion Agency (BSMEPA) for the last years by organizing their participation in promotional events such as business forums and specialized exhibitions." This was announced by the Executive Director of BSMEPA Dr.

One of the Richest Women in Russia Died in a Plane Crash with a Private Plane in Germany

One of Russia's richest women died on Sunday in a small private plane crash in Germany, news agencies reported.

Natalia Filleva(55), co-owner of S7 Group's second-largest air carrier, has traveled on a single-engine six-seat Epic LT, which crashed and burned in the field, while making a landing at the small Egelsbach airport at 15.30 on Sunday, Filleva said.

The Number of Bulgarians Traveling to Germany Continues to Grow

During the past year, the number of foreign tourists in Germany continues to grow, again making a record. According to preliminary data of the federal statistical office, the guests of the country have spent 87.7 million nights, which is a 5% growth. At the same time, the growth of the Bulgarians who have chosen this destination double.

Young Bulgarian Woman was Shot in Frankfurt

29-year-old Bulgarian woman was found in a serious condition with a shot wound at the head of a street in Frankfurt, German newspaper Bild reports, quoted by 24 hours.

The woman worked as a prostitute and was on the street when her ex-boyfriend, a 49-year-old man from Turkish descent, appeared and the two began to quarrel.