Gaza City


General Hacohen tells Kathimerini Israel had ‘no choice but to enter Gaza’

What tactics does Israel use in the urban environment of Gaza and what difficulties do the armed forces face in the Gaza Strip? These questions were answered by the former commander of the northern army of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), and member of the Israel Defense and Security Forum, Major General (ret.) Gershon Hacohen.

Civilians flee north Gaza or shelter at a hospital as Israel and Hamas battle in the city

Crowds of Palestinian families stretching as far as the eye could see walked out of Gaza City and surrounding areas toward the south Thursday to escape Israeli airstrikes and ground troops battling Hamas militants in dense urban neighborhoods. Others joined tens of thousands taking shelter at the city's biggest hospital, not far from the fighting.

G7 nations announce a unified stance on Israel-Hamas war after intensive meetings in Tokyo

Top diplomats from the Group of Seven leading industrial democracies announced a unified stance on the Israel-Hamas war on Wednesday after intensive meetings in Tokyo, condemning Hamas, supporting Israel's right to self-defense and calling for "humanitarian pauses" to speed aid to desperate Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Israel ready for "Small Breaks" in the Fighting

Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has stated that Israel is willing to consider "small tactical pauses" in the fighting in Gaza but firmly rejected the possibility of a ceasefire. This comes amid intensifying Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, with the Israeli military claiming to target infrastructure linked to the radical group Hamas.