Athens Riviera threatened by tanker oil spill (drone video footage)

Clean-up crews are scrambling to contain an oil spill from a Greek tanker as it menaces some of Athens’ most popular beaches.
The vessel, Agia Zoni II, was carrying 2,500 tonnes of fuel when it sank off the island of Salamis on Sunday.
Nearby beaches were soiled by the oil, but officials believed it could be contained given mild wind conditions.

Greece 2nd in Blue Flag awards in the world

Greece clinched second spot in the world in the number of blue flags with 486 of its beaches receiving the award, announced the Hellenic Society for the protection of Nature (HSPN), with 12 Greek marinas also picking up blue flags. Greece had 25% of the total of the 47 countries that took part in the international program, with the region of Chalkidiki getting 71.

Tonino Carotone & Locomondo | Athens | January 28

Basque singer-songwriter Tonino Carotone and local act Locomondo meet on stage at the Diogenis Studio in Athens on Saturday, January 28. The event is part of the ongoing Athens Music Festival. A portion of the proceeds from the concerts will benefit the homeless shelter of the City of Athens (KYADA), as well as community projects by the municipalities of Nea Smyrni and Glyfada.

‘Please hurry up, help Pantelis, he is seriously hurt’ said one of the women on the car

Froso Kyriakou, 20, was one of the two women who were on the same car with popular singer Pantelis Pantelidis, when it crashed on the road barriers.

She was the first person that rescuers, who arrived at the scene of the car accident, managed to pull out.