"Leaders in Belgrade will have to swallow bitter pills"

These are Serbia and Montenegro, writes the website Politico, in a piece dedicated to EU's enlargement strategy for the Western Balkans, unveiled on Tuesday.

The document "also offers increased support for the four other would-be members from the region that was engulfed by war and civil strife in the 1990s," the article continued.

EU to Showcase New Enlargement Strategy for Balkans

The European Commission will present its new strategy for enlargement in the Western Balkans on Tuesday in a bid to give the process a fresh push.

The EC document, entitled 'Credible Perspective of Enlargement to the Western Balkans', will be presented at a plenary session of the European parliament in Strasbourg.

Serbia and Montenegro have a Chance to Enter the EU by 2025

The European Commission intends to speed up the process of EU accession to the Western Balkan countries, according to Die Welt, quoted by BGNES.

These include the Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and the Republic of Kosovo. "The membership of the Western Balkan countries corresponds to the EU's political and economic interests," the EC said.