Bulgaria Invited to Participate at Western Balkans Migrant Route Meeting

The Austrian government invited Bulgaria for participation at an extraordinary meeting between the interior and foreign  ministers of the countries along the Western Balkans migrant route.

The invitation was sent by Austria's Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner and Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz.

Ziraat profit increases 13 percent

Turkey's state-owned Ziraat Bank saw profit surge by 13 percent in the third quarter compared with the same period of 2014, the bank said in a statement late Nov. 4.

The bank's profit reached 1.152 billion Turkish Liras ($402 million), up from 1.02 billion liras ($35.6 billion) in the third quarter of last year.

Voting for the Nov 1 polls starts abroad and at customs gates

Voting for the snap elections on Nov. 1 has started at Turkey's representatives in foreign countries and at border gates across the country. 

A total of 2,895,885 Turkish citizens living abroad are eligible to vote either at 112 foreign representative offices in 54 countries or at 30 customs gates on Turkey's borders and international airports. 

Refugee Crisis to Overshadow Balkan Summit

The refugee crisis threatens to effectively hijack a high-level conference on the economic prospects and European perspectives of the Western Balkan states that opens in Vienna on Thursday.

The summit includes senior politicians from the EU and the Balkans under the patronage of the German and Austrian chancellors, Angela Merkel and Werner Faymann.

UN: Bulgaria Faces World's Bleakest Demographic Prospects by 2050

Bulgaria faces the bleakest demographic prospects on a global scale over the next 35 years, according to the 2015 World Population Prospects report of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA).

In the period 2015-2050, Bulgaria's population is expected to shrink by 27.9%.

Greek postman travels the world to deliver refugees letters (Photos)

Thessaloniki Motorcyclist Ilias vrochidis, aged 31, started a journey in July 2013 aimed at exploring Balkan and African countries so as to deliver letters to the families and friends of migrants who have come to Greece. His goal was to raise public awareness on migrant issues.