Library restores Palestinian history one manuscript at a time

A library in Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem offers a rare glimpse into Palestinian history with its treasure trove of manuscripts dating back hundreds of years before the creation of Israel.

At the Khalidi Library in the walled Old City, Rami Salameh expertly inspects a damaged manuscript as part of the effort to restore and digitise historical Palestinian documents.

Israeli parliament takes first major step in Netanyahu's contentious overhaul

Israel's parliament on Monday approved the first major law in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's contentious plan to overhaul the country's justice system, triggering a new burst of mass protests and drawing accusations that he was pushing the country toward authoritarian rule.

Israel’s identity hangs in the balance before key vote on new law

When tens of thousands of Israelis marched up to Jerusalem this weekend to protest the far-right government's plan to limit judicial power, many were driven by an urgent fear that the government is trying to steal the country that their parents and grandparents fought to build against the odds.

Dacic, Cohen: Time to return to positive agenda in Serbia-Israel ties

BELGRADE - The FMs of Serbia and Israel, Ivica Dacic and Eli Cohen, said on Wednesday in Belgrade it was time to consolidate Serbia-Israel relations and develop bilateral cooperation and a positive agenda in many areas, which they noted would benefit both countries and both peoples.