Deportation Surge: 3,000+ Afghans Sent Back from Turkey in 20 Days!

In a concerning trend, more than 3,000 Afghan nationals have been repatriated to Kabul from Turkey over the past 20 days, marking a significant uptick in deportation efforts, as reported by Afghan news agency Khaama Press. The head of the Ministry of Refugees' Legal Support Directorate shared this information, revealing that the deportees included seven families and seven children.

Keri Russell back with ‘The Diplomat’

When the White House calls, you answer - even if you don't want to. That's exactly Kate Wyler's (Keri Russell) sworn duty in "The Diplomat" when she's ordered to hop on the next flight to London instead of Afghanistan. A change of mission wasn't what she had in mind, and the new gig bears tectonic implications for her marriage and political future.

The Biden administration blamed Trump for the Chaotic Withdrawal from Afghanistan

US President Joe Biden's administration has blamed his predecessor Donald Trump for the deadly and chaotic withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in 2021, leading to one of the darkest moments of Biden's presidency, the Associated Press reported.

As the Afghan government fell, there were scenes of despair at Kabul airport as huge crowds tried to flee the Taliban, the BBC recalled.

Banned from school, Afghan girls turn to madrassas

In a madrassa in the Afghan capital, rows of teenage girls rock back and forth reciting verses of the Koran under the watchful eye of a religious scholar.

The number of Islamic schools has grown across Afghanistan since the Taliban returned to power in August 2021, with teenage girls increasingly attending classes after they were banned from secondary schools.

The end of NATO, everything is set for a collapse?

As they stated, this will happen after the relations between the Russian Federation and Germany improve.
They believe that the collapse of NATO began in Kabul in August 2021, when the US chaotically and disorderly withdrew its soldiers from Afghanistan. To this day, the process of disintegration of the North Atlantic Alliance continues.

Explosion at the Russian Embassy; Diplomats injured, more than 20 dead VIDEO/PHOTOS

The explosion occurred when a Russian diplomat came out to read the list of those waiting in the visa queue, Hamid Haidari, former editor-in-chief of 1TVNews, said. Eyewitnesses reported that there may be around 20 dead, Sputnik reported.
According to the police, a suicide bomber detonated explosives at the entrance to the embassy.