Plovdiv Province

Dozens of People Enter the Cold Waters to Celebrate Epiphany Breaking the Anti-Covid Rules

Dozens of men set foot in the waters of Tundzha river in Kalofer for the traditional ritual of saving the cross, and to play the famous male ethnic dance of the Epiphany.

Due to the pandemic, there was no official organization, but many people gathered to follow tradition. Law enforcement forces tried to stop the dance, but it still happened.

Bulgarians Pay Tribute to Botev and the Dead Heroes of Bulgaria

On today's date (June 2nd), we pay tribute to one of the greatest Bulgarians in our history - Hristo Botev, as well as to the heroes who gave their lives for the freedom of Bulgaria.

Hristo Botev was born in Kalofer in the family of the teacher Botyo Petkov and Ivanka Boteva. He was a Bulgarian poet and national revolutionary.

Bulgaria's Kalofer Celebrates Epiphany with Traditional Male River Dance

The Bulgarian town of Kalofer celebrated on Wednesday the feast day of Epiphany with a traditional dance performed by local men in the icy waters of the river Tundzha.

The participants performed the traditional Bulgarian dance of horo, but with only men allowed in it, accompanied by musicians playing bagpipes.