Bulgaria-Greece Gas Interconnector Changes Balkan Gas Supplies Map

The upcoming 31 December will remain a key date in the history of gas supplies in Bulgaria, for the first time in our recent history our country will start deliveries of natural gas from a new source - Azerbaijan. Deliveries are planned to be carried out via the new gas connection between Bulgaria and Greece, which will be completed in the next few months.

Drugs found in Komotini prison raid

Officers seized 28.7 grams of cannabis, counterfeit alcohol and ten mobile phones during a raid in a prison in the northern town of Komotini on Monday, as part of an ongoing crackdown on crime in jails.

According to state-run news agency ANA-MPA, the cannabis was packed in 33 nylon packages and the alcohol was kept in two buckets.

Police Officers Busted a Group for Heroin Trafficking from Turkey through Bulgaria to the Netherlands

A group fro trafficking of large quantities of heroin from Turkey through Bulgaria to the Netherlands has been busted, prosecutors say.

The action was held on September 20. The leader of the group, who is a Bulgarian citizen, has been detained. Searches, seizures and questioning of witnesses were carried out.

Six arrested, 42 kg of heroin seized in northern Greece

Police seized 42 kilograms of heroin and arrested six people in an operation conducted in the town of Komotini, northeastern Greece, on Friday.

The drugs were packaged in 81 parcels.

The suspects - foreign nationals aged between 29 and 53 - are reportedly members of two criminal gangs distributing large quantities of drugs from Turkey into Greece. 

Komotini-Alexandroupolis train service disrupted after river flood

Train services between the northern Greek cities of Komotini and Alexandroupolis were suspended on Thursday after a local river burst its banks in the area near the village of Venna, in the regional unit of Rhodope.

Railway operator Trainose said the route is being serviced by buses. 

Three dismembered bodies found on railway in northern Greece

Greek authorities say the dismembered bodies of three people, believed to be immigrants who were hit by a train overnight, have been found on rail tracks near the border with Turkey.

Police say the human remains were seen Tuesday by a train driver who stopped the train and notified authorities. The bodies were so mangled that their sex and age have yet to be determined.

Police probe killing of seven headless puppies in northern Greece

Police in northeastern Greece say they are investigating the killing of seven puppies that were found dumped on the side of a road with their heads cut off.

Residents in the village of Lambro, outside the northeast city of Komotini, reported the incident late last week, and a formal investigation was opened by police on Monday.