BIRN Fact Check: North Macedonia’s Huge Investment Pledge

  1. The numbers don't add up:

A new railroad in the south of the country. Photo: mtc.gov.mk

From the information made available so far, by the end of this year, or during next year, the government plans to start several big capital investments. But a big question is where the authorities hope to obtain the first 1.4 euros needed for them.

North Macedonia President Rejects Allegations Against Intelligence Chief

President Stevo Pendarovski defended Erol Musliu on Thursday, calling him a "a top professional", after the Democratic Union for Integration, DUI party, the junior partner in North Macedonia's ruling coalition, criticised his appointment as the new National Intelligence Agency chief.

Tensions Flare at North Macedonia Shootout Hearing

There were chaotic scenes at Skopje's Appeals Court on Thursday, with the defendants shouting that they do not recognise the court, at the start of a hearing to decide on whether to hold a retrial of 33 ethnic Albanians who were convicted of involvement in a deadly two-day shootout in the town of Kumanovo in May 2015.

Fatal Shootout in Macedonia Blamed on Party Feud

Police in Tetovo, western Macedonia, on Friday confirmed that Naim Rexhepi, born 1971, died in a shootout that started around 6.20pm on Thursday in Mala Recica, the location of the governing DUI party's headquarters.

One other person with gunshot wounds was brought to the hospital in nearby Tetovo, the hospital said.

Macedonia Minister Quits Amid Child's Death Case Protests

About 1,000 people, mostly ethnic Albanians, protested on Wednesday in front of the Macedonian government building in Skopje, outraged by the prosecution's last minute decision to drop charges of premeditated murder against an ethnic Macedonian who slammed his car into a four-year old ethnic Albanian child in 2016.