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Moldovan Apologises For ‘Unfortunate’ Confiscation of Violinist’s Stradivarius

Moldova's Culture Minister has apologised for customs officers' "excess zeal" after they confiscated internationally awarded violinist Alexandra Conunova's Stradivarius violin at the airport.

Customs employees at Chisinau Airport filed a criminal case against the famous Moldovan violinist for not declaring the instrument's value, estimated 2 million euros, to Customs Services.

UK-Greece bilateral cooperation Framework Agreement to include defence cooperation

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias will meet tomorrow in London with British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss for talks and to sign a bilateral agreement on a series of areas of cooperation that he said will deepen Greece-UK ties.

It will include collaboration on defence and security issues.

The Top Two Casinos In Bulgaria

When you think of casino hotspots, where are the first places that you think of? Las Vegas, maybe? What about Monte Carlo? London and Manchester even have their charm in the gambling world. But what would you say if you were told Bulgaria had its own rich history with casinos and the culture it provides?

Invoice of half-million liras by Salt Bae’s restaurant causes uproar

An invoice of nearly half-million Turkish Liras ($50,888) asked from four guests who went to a restaurant of world-renowned Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, known as the Salt Bae, in London sensationalized social media.

People reacted to the invoice, saying, "Dinner in Nusret London is more expensive than flying to and eating in a Nusret restaurant in Istanbul."