Minsk Province

"Peace will reign in the morning if Americans want it"

"Peace will reign in the morning if the Americans want it. And why the Americans don't want it, that's the question the whole world is thinking about. Ukraine has actually lost its sovereignty - it has no money, no military industry, no military production capacity of its own. Ukraine gets money mainly from the USA, military resources also from the Americans and the West," Orbn points out.

Belarus has no immediate plans to adopt Russian ruble

Belarus and Russia have no plans to adopt a joint currency in the near future, Belarus' strongman leader has announced.

Speaking at a meeting with the head of Russia's central bank, Alexander Lukashenko said that introducing the Russian ruble in Belarus would not be "an easy process," and that the authorities in Minsk had no intentions so far of doing so.

Polish-Belarus Border: From Migration Crisis to ‘Routinization’ of Eastern Land Route

Far from being sealed, the so-called new Eastern Land Route, which came to the public's attention during the second half of 2021, appears to be very much active today, with migrants, activists and border guards settling into what one expert terms a "routinization" of their actions on this border.