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The EU Extends the Sanctions Against Russia with Half a Year Because of its Actions in Ukraine

On 5 July 2018, the Council prolonged economic sanctions targeting specific sectors of the Russian economy until 31 January 2019.

This decision follows an update from President Macron and Chancellor Merkel to the European Council of 28-29 June 2018 on the state of implementation of the Minsk agreements, to which the sanctions are linked.

#DiplomaticCentennial Viorel Mosanu: Romania supports Minsk's progress in achieving commitments pledged under Eastern Partnership

Romania supports Minsk's progress in fulfilling its commitments pledged under the Eastern Partnership, Bucharest taking on an active role in shaping the European policy towards the European Union's eastern partners, Romania's Ambassador to the Republic of Belarus Viorel Mosanu said in an interview to AGERPRES.

Man Wanted By Interpol Caught at Sofia Airport

 At 8 o'clock today, a 56-year-old Greek citizen has arrived at the airport in Sofia for a flight to Istanbul for Minsk. For the verification and after consultation, the border police identified the passenger as wanted by Interpol for murder, illegal possession and transportation of firearms and explosives.

A procedure for extradition is forthcoming.

Slaughter like in Srebrenica could happen in Ukraine - Putin

The reason, according to Putin, is that the authorities in Kiev "have no desire to implement the Minsk agreements."

At one point he compared the region of Donbass with Srebrenica.

"As for the tragedy that is playing out there, one should always look at the primary source, and that was the coup (in Ukraine)," Putin said, according to Sputnik's Serbian language website.