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World is horrified by the scenes from the Croatian border PHOTO

Growing number of migrants wants to enter the EU along that route.
After a few months ago, in response to Brussels' sanctions, Belarusian President Lukashenko allowed migrants from the Middle East, mainly from Syria and Iraq, to enter the country unhindered, the situation on the Polish border is becoming a new crisis hotspot.

Lithuania Stopped over 2000 Illegal Immigrants Entering EU on It's Border with Belarus

Lithuanian border guards stopped more than 2,000 illegal Asian and African migrants coming from Belarus over the month of tough measures in force in the Baltic nation to prevent breaches of its territory,

"Over the past month since the government decided on an enhanced border protection policy, over 2,000 illegal migrants have been pushed back to Belarus," the statement says.

EU Faces New Migrant Crisis as Number of Illegal Migrants Coming via Western Balkans Doubles

The number of migrants illegally entering the European Union by crossing the Western Balkans has almost doubled this year, EU border agency Frontex said on Thursday, with the majority coming from Syria and Afghanistan, Reuters reported.

"Belarus. The Road to Freedom", photo exhibition of Belarusian journalist Nadia Bujan, inaugurated in Oradea

The first personal photo exhibition of Belarusian journalist Nadia Bujan, winner of the prestigious award World Press Photo Involvement - 2021, was inaugurated on Friday in Unirii Square in northwestern Oradea, organized by the Varadinum Photo Club and Oradea City Hall , in the presence of the author and of the Romanian ambassador to the Republic of Belarus, Viorel Mosanu. Titled "Belarus.

World War III?

"Europeans, who are directing a hybrid war against us, Russia and even China, are not only creating a hotbed of strong tension, but are also inciting World War III", the Belarusian leader said in an interview with Sky News Arabia.

Partition Wall to Be Built between Lithuania and Belarus to Stop Illegal Migrants

Lithuania plans to build a barrier on the border with Belarus and deploy troops to prevent migrants from illegally crossing into its territory, news wires reported. According to PM Ingrida Simonyte, more than 1,000 migrants had been held after crossing the border since 1 June.