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Director Alexandru Darie has passed away

Director Alexandru Darie, son of late actors Iurie Darie and Consuela Rosu, has passed away Wednesday afternoon, at the Fundeni Clinical Institute, medical sources told AGERPRES. Alexandru Darie, former managing director of Bucharest's Lucia Sturdza Bulandra Theatre, was admitted to the hospital two weeks ago with liver issues, the medical sources added.

The United States Has Allocated $ 250 Million in Military Assistance to Ukraine

The US government has allocated $ 250 million in military aid to Ukraine, BTA reported, citing U.S. senators.

The funds were released after congressmen from both parties expressed dissatisfaction that the White House is withholding funds approved by Congress.

Putin is very angry

Yegor Zhukov, Moscow student, published a video-blog on August 1st, depicting how the members of Russian security services had taken up all the power in Russia, using protests re: local elections as an excuse.

26 Independent Candidates Enter the Moscow Parliament

26 independent candidates enter the local parliament of Moscow. Yesterday local government elections were held in 85 regions of Russia.

Turnout in Moscow was 21.6%, slightly more than the vote in 2014. In addition to the independent candidates, representatives of the Communist Party and the Yabloko and Just Russia formations will enter the local parliament.

Intensifying Battle Over Kosovo’s Recognition is Futile

At first, Kosovo denied that these derecognitions had even occurred, with some arguing that such moves were not legally possible. However, as the number mounted up - the current tally of derecognitions claimed by Belgrade now lies at 15, the latest being the Togo, in late-August, the mood in Pristina has changed.