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Russia Urged Europe to Clarify its Position on the Iranian Nuclear Agreement

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is on a visit to Germany and yesterday urged Europe to make a clearer stance on the Iranian nuclear deal, BTA reported.
    Lavrov expressed Russia's growing concern about the US's exit from nuclear arms control treaties.

Short Circuit Shuts Down Three Reactors of a Russian NPP

Russian nuclear power plant shut down three of its four reactors automatically because of a short-circuit in a transformer, the radiation level remains normal, said Rosenergoatom.

The first, second and fourth reactors of the Kaliningrad NPP were disconnected. It is located 350 km northwest of Moscow in the Tverskoy District.

Alleged Bulgaria Tax Data Hacker Says He’ll Never Be Caught

Bulgarian Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov confirmed on Tuesday that hackers have stolen many Bulgarians' personal financial data by breaking into the country's electronic tax refund system.

Goranov insisted the data stolen does not include classified information and does not "constitute a threat to financial security".

NATO: The United States has About 150 Nuclear Bombs in Europe

The weapon is stored in five countries - Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey, writes NOVA TV. 

The US has deployed around 150 nuclear bombs in Europe. According to a publicly available report by NATO, Belgian officials said. It is noted that the weapon is stored in five countries - Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey.

US oil becoming more attractive in Europe

US crude exports are gaining traction in Europe as even Ukraine turns into a significant consumer of American barrels at the expense of Russian supplies amid heightened US political pressure on Moscow and problems over contaminated Russian oil.

Active Urals crude oil buyers Greece and Croatia have also taken several cargoes of US oil.