Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Rats Infest Bosnia's Mostar Amid Political Deadlock

Facing a growing problem with vermin infestation, the mayor of Bosnia's main southern town of Mostar, Ljubo Beslic, has asked for an urgent financial support for an extermination campaign from the Environment Fund in Bosnia's Federation entity.

A city official told BIRN on Monday that Beslic sent a letter to the Federation Environment Fund at the end of last week.

Bosnia Intelligence Chief Found Guilty of Ignoring 2014 Protests

Bosnian officials have renewed calls for the dismissal of Goran Zubac, director of the State Investigative and Protection Agency, SIPA, after the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a first instance ruling sentenced him to a year's probation for neglecting his duties during the protests last February.

Bosnia Journalists Join Forces Against Pressures

In a rare display of professional unity in the ethnically divided country, journalists across Bosnia and Herzegovina have joined forces to stand up for media freedoms.

"Media that dare to do the essence of our job - asking questions - find themselves under different pressures," Milkica Milojevic, president of the BH Journalists association told Balkan Insight.