New Delhi


Nuke War Is A Possibility, Warns Pakistan

Pakistan believes that the tension between Islamabad and New Delhi can trigger a nuclear war in South Asia.

Pakistan's National Security Adviser (NSA) Lieutenant General (Retired) Nasser Khan Janjua has opined that the regional security stands on an extremely fine balance. As a result, no one can deny the possibility of nuclear war, he mentioned earlier this week.

India Tests "Anti-smog Cannon"

India has unveiled a new weapon to combat air pollution - an "anti-smog cannon" that authorities hope to clear the air over New Delhi, AFP informs.

But environmentalists believe that this is a temporary solution as it will not solve the real cause of the air problem.

EU To Strengthen 'Strategic' Ties With India

Ahead of the European Union (EU)-India Summit (to be held in New Delhi in October), the 28-member bloc has hinted that it will broaden its engagement and strengthen strategic and business ties with India. The EU has also indicated that it will formalise a big-bang action plan on various bilateral issues at the upcoming summit.