New Delhi


Hospitals in India Overloaded as Country Sees Another Record Peak in Covid-19 Cases

New coronavirus cases in India are 273,810, with 1,619 deaths on Monday, which is a new daily record amid a second wave of the pandemic. Hospitals and health care infrastructure is overburdened.

The latest peak brought the total cases to 15 million, with 178,769 deaths so far, stated Indian Health Ministry.

India Becomes Centre of Coronavirus Pandemic with Record High Numbers

India registered unprecedented peak of 217,353 coronavirus cases on a single day today, as authorities enforced more restrictions to contain a severe second wave of infections.

The new infections were 7.6 per cent higher than yesterday, when the country registered 200,739 cases, according to Health Ministry.

India Tightens Up its Border Patrols to Stop Arrivals from Myanmar

Indian security forces stepped up patrols on the border with Myanmar to stop refugees entering after some police officers crossed over to escape taking orders from the military junta there, officials said.

The move follows the defection over the border of some low-ranking Myanmar police officers who were unwilling to obey orders to suppress demonstrations against the junta.