New York

New York

The end of NATO?

Former Israeli intelligence officer Yaakov Kedmi emphasized that the North Atlantic Alliance should disappear because of its uselessness.
"As a military power, it (NATO) does not represent anything," Kedmi is convinced.

Gorgosaurus tipped to fetch $8 mn at New York auction

A skeleton of a Gorgosaurus dinosaur is going up for auction for the first time and is expected to fetch between $5 million and $8 million, Sotheby's said on July 5. 

The auction house will put the specimen, which is 10 feet tall (three meters) and 22 feet long, under the hammer in New York on July 28.

Peter Brook: Mystical giant who changed theater forever

Peter Brook, who has died aged 97, was among the most influential theater directors of the 20th century, reinventing the art by paring it back to drama's most basic and powerful elements.

An almost mystical figure often mentioned in the same breath as Konstantin Stanislavsky, the Russian who revolutionized acting, Brook continued to work and challenge audiences well into his 90s.

Turkish cuisine wins Michelin award

After working for many years in the financial center of Wall Street in New York and the Forex markets in Geneva and London, Gökhan Yüzbaşıoğlu opened a Turkish restaurant, named El Turco, in Miami and has recently been honored by Michelin, the largest authority in the food and beverage industry in the world.