Central Europe Set to Wrestle Germany for Migrants

This is the latest in a series of articles about the demographic crisis facing Central and Southeast Europe.

The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia still refuse to take in small contingents of the million or so refugees who arrived in the EU from the Middle East and Africa, despite an EU plan to spread the load among all member states. 

Bulgarian Airline Startup 'Holiday Europe' Declares High Ambitions with Plans to Operate Flights to 50 Cities

Bulgarian airline Holiday Europe has begun operations. The carrier announced on its website its inaugural flight took place on August 24th and routed between Antalya and Nuremberg, writes Simple Flying.

Bulgarians in Germany will Vote for a European Parliament in 21 Cities

For the first time, Bulgarian citizens in Germany will be able to vote in 13 additional sections during the elections for Bulgarian representatives in the European Parliament on May 26th. The federal authorities have respected our country's desire to open more sections.

German company aims to become "biggest employer in Serbia"

General Director Clemens Sachs is quoted as telling Tanjug that the current investments of Leoni in Serbia have reached 75 million euros, and announced new ones.

When a new factory is finished in Kraljevo next year, this fiber optic and cable manufacturer will become the largest employer in Serbia with more than 11,000 workers.