Two Turkish frigates in Ukraine's Odessa

Two Turkish warships have dropped anchor at the port in the Ukrainian city Odessa on April 3 for a stay of two days. 

The two frigates - the TCG Salih Reis (F-246), which is a Barbaros-class frigate, and the TCG Bart?n (F-504), which is a B-class corvette - have anchored in Odessa within the concept of partnership between the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and the Turkish General Staff. 

Bulgaria Mulls Opening Honorary Consulate in Ukraine's Kharkiv

A Bulgarian Honorary Consulate might be opened in the Eastern Ukrainian region of Kharkiv that will also have a mandate for Dnipropetrovsk to the south, local media outlets report.

Bulgaria's Ambassador to Ukraine is quoted as saying that authorities are considering the idea, and a name of the potential Honorary Consul has been put forward.