Ukraine's Foreign Minister To Discuss Humanitarian Aid with Bulgaria

The Bulgarian government is set on discussing the tensions regarding Ukrainian minorities, including the increased army mobilization of Bulgarian nationals with Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Minister Pavlo Klimkin during his upcoming visit.

The position has also been expressed before the Ukrainian Ambassador to Sofia Mykola Baltazhy, a press release from Tuesday revealed.

Bulgaria Issues Fast-Track Visas to Co-nationals in Southeastern Ukraine

The Bulgarian embassy to Kiev and the consulate in Odessa have received instructions to issue fast-track visas to ethnic Bulgarians, whose lives are in danger.

The information was confirmed by Bulgaria's Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov, daily Dnevnik reports.

Bulgaria has also prepared a consignment of humanitarian aid to its fellow nationals in Southeastern Ukraine.

ForMin Aurescu tells Ukraine Romania expects mobilization to not be 'selective'

Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister Bogdan Aurescu met Ukrainian ambassador in Bucharest Teofil Bauer on Tuesday, on which occasion he communicated the Romanian side's expectation that the partial mobilization carried out amid the conflict in eastern Ukraine should not have a 'selective' character and should avoid 'discriminatory approaches that might target ethnic grounds as well'.

The centenary of the Ottoman entry into the First World War

It was 100 years ago today that two Russian ports were bombarded by ships of the Imperial Ottoman Navy under a German commander Today marks the centenary of the Ottoman Empire’s official entry into World War I. It was today, 100 years ago, that the Russian ports of Sevastopol and Odessa were bombarded by ships of the Imperial Ottoman Navy, under the command of Admiral Wilhelm Souchon.

Two More NATO Warships Sail Into Black Sea

Two more NATO warships have entered the Black Sea to take part in the international drill Sea Breeze 2014, reports ITAR-TASS, quoting a diplomatic source.

Canada's frigate Toronto and Spain's frigate Almirante Juan de Borbon passed through the Bosphorus on Saturday and joined the French Navy Ship Commandant Birot and the US destroyer Ross who entered the Black Sea on September 3.

Russia Asks UN, OSCE to Investigate Ukraine’s Use of Banned Weapons

Russia has requested the international community to investigate the use of prohibited incendiary bombs in Ukraine.

"We are concerned to hear reports that the Ukrainian military forces use incendiary bombs and some other indiscriminate weapons. These reports should be probed into urgently", Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated, quoted by ITAR-TASS.