Subterraneans: Mariupol Greeks timidly emerge from underground shelters after Russians hammer area

Members of the ethnic Greek minority in Mariupol emerged from underground refuges this morning, some after 72 hours without electricity or water, as the president of the community told Greek television today.

At dawn today, many residents of the city queued up at ATMs, super markets, and gas stations.

Bulgarian Foreign Minister: We are Waiting for a Safe corridor to Evacuate Bulgarians in Ukraine

"A safe corridor for the evacuation of Bulgarians from Ukraine is awaited. An immediate evacuation from Kyiv will then be ensured", Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska announced at a briefing on Sunday. Today, 77 people were evacuated in two buses.

Turkey evacuating Turkish nationals from Ukraine via land

Turkey has ramped up efforts to evacuate thousands of Turkish nationals from Ukraine via land after they were stranded there following Russia's invasion.

Turkish officials from foreign missions in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Moldova, are now at the Ukrainian borders of those countries to coordinate the evacuation efforts.

Bulgarian Minister of Innovation: All Ukrainian Refugees are Welcome in our Country

"The sanctions are designed to persuade Russia to end the conflict as soon as possible. The freezing of the assets of the Central Bank of Russia is an unprecedented move by the international community, as it will have serious difficulties in spending its huge savings to finance this war."

This was stated to bTV today by the Minister of Innovation and Growth Daniel Lorer.

Bulgaria: 2000 Beds in Hotels in the Varna Region are Waiting for Refugees from Ukraine

Nearly ten hoteliers have already expressed readiness to accommodate newcomers from Ukraine, with 2,000 beds currently available, Varna's new regional governor Blagomir Kotsev said today, welcoming the two buses to the first to be evacuated from Odessa. He clarified that the beds are not only in the city, but also in the resorts in the area.

First Bus for Evacuation of Bulgarians has arrived in Odessa, Fortifications being Built at the entrance of the City

Reporters from the Bulgarian National Television (BNT), Alexander Markov, Vladimir Bogdanski and Robert Vetsov are the only Bulgarian team at the epicenter of the conflict in Ukraine.

After nearly 20 hours of driving and a sleepless night at a gas station, the three finally arrived in Odessa.

137 Ukrainians have Died since the beginning of the Russian Оffensive

137 Ukrainians have died since the start of the Russian offensive, said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

According to him, Moscow is hitting not only military targets but also civilian targets. European Union leaders have agreed in principle to impose new economic sanctions on Russia. The United States did the same earlier.