Osijek-Baranja County

Glavas Witnesses Only Learned about War Crimes ‘from Media’

Two former politicians, Luka Bebic and Andrija Hebrang, members of the ruling Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, told Zagreb County Court on Monday that they only learned from the media that the defendant, Branimir Glavas, had been involved in war crimes against Serbian civilians in the eastern city of Osijek in 1991.

Witness Confesses to Lying to Help Croatian Wartime General

Nikola Jaman, who was a commander of the First Battalion of Osijek Defenders during wartime, testified at Zagreb County Court on Tuesday that he lied in earlier testimony about Branimir Glavas, who is being retried alongside six co-defendants for the killings of Serb civilians in the eastern city of Osijek in 1991.

Matic becomes presidential envoy for missing in Croatia

Veran Matic was actively engaged in the anti-war activities during the nineties. He took part in humanitarian campaigns including the mass campaign of helping the victims of Operation Storm back in 1995, when we gathered aid and then distributed it with the assistance of Belgrade cab drivers, all the way to Banja Luka...

Croatia to Release Relative of Killed Refugee Child

The Administrative Court in the town of Osijek on Wednesday scrapped the custody order for one adult member of the Hosseini family, Croatian Centre for Peace Studies, a human rights NGO, told BIRN.

This sparked hope among human rights campaigners involved in the case that the rest of the family could be released soon.

Luka Modric Probe 'Sends Warning to Perjurers'

Croatian former justice minister Vesna Skare Ozbolt said on Tuesday that the investigation into Real Madrid football star Luka Modric, suspected of giving false testimony in court about alleged financial kickbacks in his 2008 transfer from Dinamo Zagreb, should be a warning to people considering committing perjury.