Australia mining company sorry for losing radioactive device

A mining corporation on Sunday apologized for losing a highly radioactive capsule over a 1,400-kilometer stretch of Western Australia, as authorities combed parts of the road looking for the tiny but dangerous substance.

The capsule was part of a device believed to have fallen off a truck while being transported between a desert mine site and the city of Perth on Jan. 10.

Vekic beats Papamichail to give Croatia lead in Perth City Final

Despina Papamichail of Greece in action against Donna Vekic of Croatia during the 2023 United Cup City Final tennis tournament match between Greece and Croatia at RAC Arena in Perth, Australia, Wednesday. Vekic dropped just two games against No. 158-ranked Papamichail in the first rubber of the competition to give Croatia a 1-0 lead over Greece. [EPA]

The Secret of Longevity is in…Beer

Australian Bid Grock said that she managed to reach the respectable age of 107, thanks to beer. She drinks a can of beer every day, writes LAD Bible

For many years, the woman went shopping in a store in Perth, where she stocked up on her "elixir of longevity." At the age of 107, she lives alone, moves on her own, and takes care of her household.

Turkish clubs advance to UEFA Conference League playoffs

Galatasaray eliminated Scotland's St Johnstone with a 5-3 aggregate score on Aug. 12 to advance to the UEFA Europa League playoffs. 


In a third qualifying round second leg game, Mbaye Diagne scored the opener for the Lions in the 30th minute at McDiarmid Park stadium in Perth, Scotland.

Over 10 million Australians in coronavirus lockdown

More than 10 million Australians have been ordered into lockdown as coronavirus cases spread across the country, and Brisbane on June 29 became the fourth major city to issue stay-at-home orders.

The three-day snap lockdown for Brisbane, starting on Tuesday evening, comes on top of similar measures imposed in Sydney, Perth and Darwin in recent days.

An emergency meeting was held, the delta strain is spreading

Australian authorities have been forced to introduce a lockdown in Sydney due to the new epidemic wave and reintroduce restrictive measures in other parts of the country.
Reuters report states that 18 out of a total of 25 million Australians, or 70 percent of the population, are under some form of anti-epidemic restrictions in almost all parts of Australia.

ParliamentaryElections2020/ Start vote abroad; first polling station has been opened in Aucklan, New Zealand

Voting in the Senate and Chamber of Deputies elections of December 5 and 6, 2020, began on Friday at 8 pm, Romania's time, once with the opening of the polling station in Auckland, New Zealand, informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), in a press release.