Visionary Bulgarian-born Artist Christo Passes Away

Influential contemporary artist Hristo Vladimirov Javacheff "Christo" passed away of natural causes at the age of 84 in New York, his representatives announced little before midnight on May 31. "Christo lived his life to the fullest, not only dreaming up what seemed impossible but realizing it," his office said.

31 youngsters selected to be part of Romania's preliminary team for ECSC 2020

A number of ten youngsters passionate with cyber security will participate in the European Cyber Security Challange - ECSC, to take place in November, in Vienna, to be selected from 31 youngsters passionate about cyber security representing Romania's preliminary team for this event.

Russian ‘Murder Plot’ Strains Czech Diplomatic Ties

The article, referencing intelligence sources and published by the highly regarded Respekt weekly magazine, set off a burst of curt and conflicting statements from Prague and Moscow in a diplomatic dust-up that threatens to escalate. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman dismissed the report as fake, and the foreign ministry in Moscow demanded action.