"There is a prayer revolution in Montenegro, ending with the collapse of the regime"

Andjelkovic believes that the revolution will sooner or later end in the overthrow of the ruling regime and the democratic revival of that country.
"Djukanovic is used to not asking people anything, but it seems the time has come for him to be delivered a bill for such behaviour," Andjelkovic said in an interview with today's "Vecernje Novosti".

Officially! Lauda Launches Flights from Burgas in March

The low cost airline Lauda launches flights from Burgas to Vienna in March. The first flight is on March 31st this year. There will be flights twice a week, according to Fraport, a Burgas airport operator.

Up to now, six new destinations have been requested - the three cities Lviv, Kharkiv and Vinnytsia in Ukraine, Rostov in Russia and Szczecin and Lublin in Poland.

Journeys of an urban traveler

In his recent photography series, displayed at Istanbul's Gallery Ark, photography artist Timurtaş Onan reinterprets the typology of flaneur, the modern time traveler.

Onan looks for the traces of the flaneur in the 21st century, the conception that was first explored in the writings of Charles Baudelaire in the 19th century to identify an observer of modern urban life.

Sibiu, shortlisted for European Best Destination 2020

Sibiu has been nominated to compete this year for the European best tourist destination 2020, after in 2007 it was the first city in Romania to become a European capital of culture and in 2019 it was Romania's first European gastronomic region, according to an official press statement released on Wednesday.

Czechia 2020: Scandals, Slumps and Spies in ‘Paradise’

"Imagine me being Harry Potter, having a magic stick and transforming all the planned projects into reality now," he continued. "We would immediately become a second Switzerland."

Of course, Babis was quickly reminded that despite his immense economic and political heft, his powers remain earthbound. 

Peter Pan | Athens | January 3-5

The Black Light Theater of Prague used its unique expertise to set up a representation of the popular tale of "Peter Pan," which will be presented as part of the Christmas Theater program of events at the Galatsi Olympic Hall. The Black Light Theater is an ensemble and a genre, created in 1961 by acclaimed Czech director, producer and playwright Jiri Srnec.

Another Mass Protest against Andrej Babiš in the Czech Republic

About 15,000 people, according to police, have again protested against the Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš in central Prague. A week ago, 50,000 people participated in another demonstration, BTA quoted global agencies as saying.

The protest movement is being organized by the Million Moments for Democracy civic group, which is seeking the resignation of the prime minister.