Brnabic's response to Meta: We will not be provoked, SEECP does not recognize Kosovo

She added that there is no room for provocations.
Albanian President Ilir Meta, who spoke on the plenary session of the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) right before Serbian Prime Minister, called on Bosnia-Herzegovina to recognize "the fact that Kosovo is an independent and sovereign state".

H.E. Kyle Scott: USA recognizes EU "leadership" in the Belgrade-Prishtina dialogue

Scott also pointed out that United States still recognize European Union as the "leader" in this dialogue.
When asked whether US will exert its authority over Prishtina to force it to commence negotiations, Scott confirmed that US still recognize EU's leading role in this process, adding that it is most important for the parties to return to the negotiation table.

Ejupi reports Vucic to German police

This statement had caused strong reactions of Kosovo officials, including the former lawyer of Ejupi, Mahmut Halimi, who denied those allegations. Following Serbian President's indication at a news conference, Halimi confirmed for "inFocus" paper, that Ejupi turned to the German judicial authorities, and reported Vucic, the KoSSev portal reported on the writing of Prishtina's "Gazete Expres".

"Solution to all our problems stands in the recognition of Kosovo's independence"

In the interview for portal KoSSev, Haradinaj assessed that Prishtina-Belgrade dialogue wasn't going in the right direction and that its resumption required a framework which he saw in mutual recognition without divisions or annexation as "the solution to all our problems".

Koha: Borrell? His election questionable

In the capacity of Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Borrell publicly opposed Kosovo independence.
This daily recalls that in the last two mandates, the person who took up the intermediary role in the dialogue between Belgrade and Prishtina was exactly the person in charge o EU foreign policy.
Borrell would in this capacity replace Federica Mogherini.

In the recent couple of days, Prishtina raised indictments against fifty Serbs

"That is why this indictment does not present personal assault but an assault on the Serbs in general, primarily in the north of Kosovo and Metohija", Ivan Todosijevic, member of the Serb List leadership says, commenting on the indictment that Prishtina authorities had raised against him as a consequence of his denying Racak massacre.