Stara Zagora Province

The People on the Road Between Shipka and Buzludja who were in Trouble are Saved

Successful completion of the rescue operation in the Balkans. The people in trouble in their cars in Stara Planina - between Shipka peak and Buzludzha peak, are saved. They turned out to be 6 young people from the town of Radnevo who came to Buzludzha Peak to have fun with their cars in the snow.

Bulgarian Prosecutors Seek Permanent Detention for Four Men over Radnevo Beating

Bulgarian prosecutors have requested permanent detention into police custody of four men charged with attempted murder during a scuffle between ethnic Bulgarians and Roma people in the town of Radnevo, in southern Bulgaria.

The four face jail terms of 15 to 20 years or life imprisonment if convicted.

Authorities Detain 43 Illegal Immigrants Near Bulgaria's Radnevo

Bulgarian authorities detained on Wednesday 43 illegal immigrants at the dam near the village of Topolyane, located in the municipality of Radnevo.

None of them was in the possession of identity documents and they identified themselves as refugees coming from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Towns, Villages in SE Bulgaria Ready for Evacuation due to Flooding

The Mayor of the southeastern Bulgarian town of Elhovo, Petar Kirov, has urged locals to prepare for evacuation as the water level of the Tundzha River nears the critical level.

The water column exceeds 3.9 meters, the critical level being 4 meters, according to reports of the BGNES news agency.

Bulgaria Slowly Recovering after Latest Devastating Floods

The situation in Bulgaria is returning to normal after yesterday's floods claimed three lives and caused serious material damage throughout the country.

No new floods have been reported during the night, the head of the Chief Directorate Fire Safety and Civil Protection Nikolay Nikolov told Nova TV. Rains all over the country have subsided in the late afternoon on Saturday.

Bulgaria's Radnevo Municipality Virtually Bankrupt

The southern Bulgarian municipality of Radnevo is virtually bankrupt, according to the Mayor, Yulian Ilchev.

In a Monday interview for the Bulgarian National Radio, Ilchev said he expected urgent assistance from the caretaker government, adding that he had sent a letter to caretaker Prime Minister Georgi Bliznashki about the problem which Radnevo was facing.

Judiciary 'to Run Out of Money' in 2 Weeks - Magistrates

Bulgaria's Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) announced courts and prosecutor's offices have money for just to weeks and will have to stop paying their bills afterwards.

SJC representatives, quoted by Bulgarian daily Sega, have explained that no money has been given out to cover expenses since the initial budget was announced to be depleted.