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Kelly Finnigan | Around Greece | October 17-20

American soul singer Kelly Finnigan, known as the voice of successful San Francisco band Monophonics, is coming to Greece with his band, the Atonements, for a mini-tour with crowd-pleasing favorites and lesser-known work. Finnigan will perform at Thessaloniki's WE venue on Thursday, Volos's Lab Art on Friday, Gazarte in Athens on Saturday and Giafka in Patra on Sunday.

No Bulgarian Citizens Were Injured in the Wildfires in California

There have been no reports of injured or affected Bulgarian citizens in the wildfires in California, the Foreign Ministry press centre reported.

At present, the largest fires are in Riverside County in Southern California and south of the City of San Francisco in Northern California. Riverside County has issued mandatory evacuation orders for settlements near fires.

Airbnb Expects to Go Public in 2020

Airbnb, a private rental company, has announced that it plans to go public in 2020, DPA and Reuters reported. From now on, analysts predict that this will be one of the most anticipated listings in the coming year.

In a brief communique, Airbnb announced that it "expects to become a publicly traded company in 2020".

San Francisco Airport Banned Plastic Bottles

A ban on the sale of disposable plastic bottles at an international airport comes into force in San Francisco.

Travelers who only want water will have to buy reusable aluminum or glass bottles if they do not carry their own.

San Francisco Airport dealers are required to use only disposable plastic containers and utensils.

Apple is Turning Big Cities’ Streets into Art with Augmented Reality

Tech giant Apple (Apple) is exporting the gallery to the real world, creating a fun digital cityscape through Augmented Reality (AR), informs Reuters.

Apple's augmented reality tool, which is active in Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and San Francisco, enhances real life by overlaying words and images with reality, according to fans of the new technology.