Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Potential "NATO blitzkrieg"?

"Therefore, it is possible that there will be a redistribution of some global relations. Bosnia-Herzegovina will certainly become a member of NATO. It can even be a blitzkrieg, to the surprise of many. And it may happen that we will still have to come to an agreement and find a compromise solution, in what way, in terms of interoperability, equipment...

UK to Send Military Experts to Bolster Bosnian Security

Boris Johnson during his visit to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina in April 2017. Photo: EPA/FEHIM DEMIR.

At the request of NATO Headquarters Sarajevo, a UK military counter-disinformation expert and a civilian strategic defence adviser will be deployed to Bosnia to support and train its armed forces.

How Turkey’s Extremist ‘Grey Wolves’ Built a Cell in Bosnia

Cakalli is the founder of an informal Bosnian branch of a Turkish far-right group known as the Grey Wolves (Bozkurtlar), some of whose members support neo-fascist ideas. The Grey Wolves are officially called Idealist Hearths (Ulku Ocaklari) and their organisation is affiliated with the far-right Nationalist Movement Party, MHP, which is an ally of the Turkish ruling party.

Children’s Wartime Deaths Commemorated in Sarajevo

The Forgotten Children of War association and a group of young Bosnian women laid flowers on Tuesday in tribute to children killed during the 1992-95 war in Sarajevo and in the neighbouring city of East Sarajevo.

They also displayed placards spelling out the words: "They were just children. Together we can build bridges for the future."

Photo: Forgotten Children of War.

Bosniak Fighters’ Convictions for Crimes Against Serbs Upheld

The appeals chamber of the Bosnian state court on Friday confirmed a first-instance verdict sentencing Senad Dzananovic to 11 years in prison and Edin Gadzo to five years for crimes against Serb civilians in the Alipasino Polje neighbourhood of Sarajevo.

The court said that the defendants' appeals had been rejected as "unfounded".

Captured: Powerful Photos Show Bosnian War Prisoners’ Suffering

Ron Haviv's photographs depicting the suffering of prisoners who were detained in the Prijedor, Mostar and Banja Luka areas during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina went on display at the Endzio Hub gallery in Belgrade on Thursday evening at an exhibition entitled 'Liberty'.

Bosnian Accused of Threatening US-Style Shooting Spree in Sarajevo

Prosecutor Dubravko Campara told the Bosnian state court on Tuesday that it is requesting a one-month custody remand for Hamza Cardaklija, who it accuses of posting a comment on social media in which he mentioned shootings in schools in the US and allegedly said that he would do the same in the Sarajevo area.