Silistra Province

Code Orange Warning For Heavy Rain and Thunder in Place For 7 Regions in Bulgaria

In the morning, clouds will break and the rain will stop for a while, but even before noon it will start again from the west and will cover most of the country. In the evening the rain will gradually end from the northwest but will continue in the southern and eastern areas overnight, significant amounts expected there. Thunderstorms and hail more likely in southern Bulgaria.

Extreme Fire Danger Warning for Dobrich Region in Bulgaria on 2 July

A warning for extreme fire danger conditions has been issued for some areas in Dobrich region for 2 July, according to the website of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH). The extreme fire danger rating indicates rapid spread of very strong fires, difficult to control, with conditions for crown fires.

The Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Interior with a Large-scale Investigation of NSSI Draining

A specialized action of the Prosecutor's Office in Sofia and Silistra investigates the drain of the NSSI. The scheme is related to the issuance of fake data for length of service. This was announced by the Deputy Minister. Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev.
According to unofficial information, among the suspects is the father of the singer Tita.

Warning About Rain and Thunderstorms in 24 Districts in Bulgaria

The clouds above the country will be significant. At first, there will be precipitations and thunderstorms in the southeast, and later in the day - and over the rest of the country. The quantities will be significant in the afternoon in the southeast, and in the middle of the night in Central Bulgaria. There are conditions for hail. They will blow to moderate wind from east to northeast.

Outbreak of African Plague in Feral Pigs near the Border of Bulgaria

In connection with a new outbreak of African swine fever virus in feral pigs near the border of Bulgaria in Tulcea, Romania, the Executive Agency for Forests calls on Bulgarian hunters to strictly observe the preventive measures imposed to reduce the spread of the disease, the agency said.

Bulgaria Now Has New Border Checkpoint With Romania

Bulgaria's Premier Boyko Borissov  and Romania's Premier Mihai Tudose unveiled near the Dunabe town of Silistra the new border checkpoints Kaynardzha which was negotiated in a bilateral agreement back in 2012.

An intergovernmental agreement between Bulgaria and Romania for joint border control has been in force since 2007.

Bulgaria's Border Police Breakes Up Criminal Group Manufacturing Counterfeit Identification Documents

Bulgaria's Border Police broke up a criminal group manufacturing counterfeit identification documents during a specialized operation in Sofia and Silistra district, according to BNR.

 Six Bulgarian nationals, who used to order, manufacture and spread fake ID cards with falsified personal data were detained during the police operation.

14-Year-Old Girl Goes Missing in Danube River Near Bulgaria's Silistra

A fourteen-year-old girl has gone missing in the Danube river near the northeastern Bulgarian town of Silistra.

The regional border police directorate in Ruse confirmed that a signal for the incident had been submitted to the 112 emergency number on Wednesday afternoon.