Albanians Seek Acquittal in Macedonia Murder Trial

Defence attorney Naser Raufi told the Skopje criminal court in his closing arguments on Thursday that the seven accused had nothing to do with the murder of five ethnic Macedonians during Orthodox Easter in 2012.

Raufi who is the attorney for five of the defendants, all of whom are ethnic Albanians, said they should be released due to “lack of evidence”.

Heavy Storm Shocks Skopje Residents

No one was hurt in the 30-minute dramatic storm that overwhelmed Skopje's water collection system and took residents by surprise, police reported late in the evening.

Unlike in neighbouring Serbia and Bosnia, where rivers recently overflowed causing massive floods, the storm in Skopje was short-lived and the River Vardar did not burst its banks.

Macedonian Police Action in Ethnic Riots Queried

After two days of violent ethnic protests in the Skopje suburb of Gjorce Petrov, folllowing the murder of a teen by a thief, the situation is now tense but calm.

Police patrolling the municipality said they detained several dozen protestors during the riots on Monday and Tuesday and filed criminal charges against five.