Macedonian Police Action in Ethnic Riots Queried

After two days of violent ethnic protests in the Skopje suburb of Gjorce Petrov, folllowing the murder of a teen by a thief, the situation is now tense but calm.

Police patrolling the municipality said they detained several dozen protestors during the riots on Monday and Tuesday and filed criminal charges against five.

NATO Chief Urges Macedonia to End Name Dispute

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen told Macedonian leaders in Skopje that the key condition for joining the alliance was solving the long-standing dispute with Greece over its name.

He was meeting Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and other leaders in Skopje on a regional tour aimed at underlining support for Balkan countries.

Murder of teen not ethnically motivated - Albanian party

Murder of teen not ethnically motivated - Albanian party

SKOPJE -- The murder of a Macedonian teenager for which an Albanian has been arrested as a suspect was not ethnically motivated, the Albanian DUI party has said.

This party condemned the incident in the strongest terms, but also appealed that it not be placed "in the ethnic context."