MEPs to Meet For Mobility Package

The Transport Committee in the European Parliament votes on the Mobility Package. On the Bulgarian side, there is a proposal to withdraw the controversial package from the work of this European Parliament.

MEP Andrey Novakov urges British MPs to abstain from voting because of the upcoming Brexit.

The European Parliament Backed Christine Lagarde as ECB chief

The European Parliament has voted Christine Lagarde's nomination as President of the European Central Bank.

Lawmakers voted 394 in favour, 206 against and with 49 abstentions in the parliament's plenary in Strasbourg.

The approval of Lagarde's nomination is uncertain, as the final decision on her appointment is taken by the European Council.

The European Parliament First Plenary Session after the Summer Begins

Strasbourg begins the first session of the European Parliament in the new political season. It will continue until Thursday inclusive.

Emphasis on the MEPs' agenda is the vote on Christine Lagarde's nomination for President of the European Central Bank. The vote is scheduled for Tuesday. On Wednesday, the main topic will be Brexit.

A Migrant Camp of Over 200 Migrants Was Evacuated in Strasbourg

Police in the French city of Strasbourg have evacuated an illegal migrant camp from eastern Europe, located on the southern outskirts of the city.

According to the authorities, the camp had 134 adults and 74 children, mostly citizens of the former Soviet Union and the Balkan Peninsula.

Deputies' spending at almost 92 ml lei in first six months of the year

The deputies' spending in the first six months of the year amounts to 91,849,485 lei, shows data released on the website of the Chamber of Deputies. The month-by-month breakdown is as follows: January - 14,294,989 lei; February - 14,362,077 lei; March - 16,018,184 lei; April - 15,870,539 lei; May - 15,586,634 lei; June - 15,716,962 lei.

The NRA Hack Defendants Will Bring a Suit against Bulgaria in Strasbourg

The defendants to the NRA hacking attack will bring three files against Bulgaria in Strasbourg, bTV reported.

Separately, the parent company of TAD Group files an arbitration claim for damages to the trademark. This was said by Georgi Stefanov, who is Ivan Todorov's lawyer. Dancila disputes dignitaries, diplomats carried out Romania's EU Council presidency

The Romanian presidency of the EU Council was headed by the government, and it was not dignitaries or diplomats of Romania that carried out the tenure, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said on Tuesday in a debate that assessed the Romanian presidency of the Council of the EU, organized at a plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, in response to the criticism by PLUS MEP Dragos T

PM Dancila tells EP Romania has proved its ability to contribute to EU's added value

While holding the presidency of the EU Council, Romanian officials proved Romania's ability to contribute to the added value of the European Union, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said in Strasbourg on Tuesday at a plenary session of the European Parliament.

PM Dancila: During the EU Council Presidency, Romania managed to be a very good mediator and a consensus facilitator

Romania managed during the EU Council Presidency to be a "very good" mediator, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila told the European Parliament plenary meeting on Tuesday, adding that Romania would have wanted to achieve more things, but it is not easy to create consensus among 28 member states where priorities differ.