Turkish actress wins Europe court case

The European Court of Human Rights on March 7 condemned Türkiye for failing to protect the private life of Berrak Tüzünataç, a prominent Turkish actress who had been secretly filmed kissing Şahan Gökbakar, one of the most famous screen faces in the country and star of blockbuster comic movies, at her home in footage broadcast on television.

Djurovic: Pristina's CoE membership bid not discussed on Wednesday

STRASBOURG - The so-called Kosovo's Council of Europe (CoE) membership application was not discussed at Wednesday's CoE Committee of Ministers meeting, Serbian Ambassador to the CoE Aleksandra Djurovic told Tanjug.

She said the meeting, concluded at around 3 pm, had addressed other topics.

"It was not a topic that was included in the agenda," he said.

Djurovic: Quint states changed stance on Pristina's CoE bid in past two weeks

STRASBOURG - The so-called Kosovo's bid for Council of Europe (CoE) membership was not discussed by the institution's Committee of Ministers on Wednesday after Iceland, the chair of the meeting, did not propose its inclusion in the agenda, says Serbia's Ambassador to the CoE Aleksandra Djurovic.

EP passes resolution on EU common foreign and security policy

STRASBOURG - The European Parliament passed on Wednesday a resolution on implementation of the EU common foreign and security policy.

The section on Serbia calls on Belgrade to align with the bloc's foreign policy.

The resolution was carried with 407 votes for, 92 against and 142 abstentions, with a large number of amendments rejected during the vote.