Country: Serbia
Population: 105 680

Subotica-Szeged rail line reinstated after eight years

SUBOTICA - After eight years, a rail line between the Serbian city of Subotica and the Hungarian city of Szeged was reinstated on Tuesday.

To mark the occasion, Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Goran Vesic welcomed his Hungarian counterpart Janos Lazar at the Palic railway station near Subotica.

Serbian Police Detained over 4,500 Migrants at the Borders with Hungary and Bulgaria

Serbian police have detained thousands of migrants within two weeks as a result of daily actions in the northern and eastern regions of the Balkan country, Reuters reported. The arrests are part of a nationwide operation that began two weeks ago after a shooting that left three migrants dead.

Hungary’s Orban Urges Germans to Back EU Membership for Serbia

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in Subotica, Serbia in March 2018. Photo: EPA-EFE/Szilard Koszticsak.

"In Brussels they are building a superstate. We say no to a European empire," says the first point in the advertisement, which is headed with the insignia of the Hungarian government and signed at the end by Prime Minister Orban.

LIVE: "As has been expected, the first case of coronavirus in Serbia confirmed" VIDEO

He said that a man in the northern city of Subotica had tested positive for the coronavirus, adding that he had been in contact with his sister in Budapest who had respiratory problems. The man self-isolated himself and is now in isolation in hospital in Subotica, the minister said on an extraordinary news conference.

Pristina reacts: "Forgery, fabrication, disgusting slander"

"Dacic decided to resume with fabrications and falsifications in relation to Kosovo. After the previous forgeries that returned to him as a boomerang, he presented a document that was prepared who knows where, about the alleged withdrawal of recognition," Pacolli, who serves as Kosovo's foreign minister, wrote to Facebook.

Vucic opens Ametek business campus in Subotica

SUBOTICA - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic ceremonially opened an Ametek business campus in Subotica, northern Serbia, on Wednesday.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Vucic took a tour of the new factory with plant director Dragan Nagulic, Minister of Economy Goran Knezevic, US Ambassador Kyle Scott, Vojvodina PM Igor Mirovic and Assembly Speaker Istvan Pastor.