Estonian Prime Minister Eyes NATO's Top Role

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas has expressed interest in becoming the next NATO Secretary General, the Associated Press reported on November 15. Current Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, whose mandate was extended following Russia's illegal invasion of Ukraine, has already confirmed he will step down in October 2024.

The most popular holiday destinations for Greeks this fall

Greek travelers are turning to European destinations off the usual list but more affordable, as shown by the air booking data for the upcoming national holiday on October 28.

Aegean Airlines has increased its number of available seats by between 18% and 20% on the international and domestic networks.

Middlemen: The Croatian ‘Aggregators’ Failing Digital Platform Workers

'Fun' and 'freedom' came at a price, however.

Not formally employed by the digital courier giant, Marin [not his real name] couldn't be paid directly into his personal bank account, so managers at Glovo recommended he try an intermediary, a so-called aggregator, which would become his official employer.

Day 324 of the Invasion of Ukraine: VSU Advances in Luhansk, Russians want to Surround Bakhmut

Here are the highlights of events related to the war in Ukraine over the past 24 hours:

Zelensky expects more weapons from the allies, heavy fighting for Soledar

Ukraine says its troops are holding their ground in the eastern town of Soledar, where heavy fighting is taking place. President Volodymyr Zelensky stressed the need for more weapons from the allies.

BSMEPA received the Award in the Cross-Border Cooperation Category of the Go Global Awards

Yesterday at a ceremony in Tallinn, Estonia, BSMEPA received the award in the cross-border cooperation category of the International Trade Council's Go Global Awards!

The Go Global Awards recognize companies and organizations that drive the economy forward through their innovation, technology and strategic solutions.

Another country afraid of Russia? "We will all be run down"

That would have happened in line with NATO's current plans to defend the country from any Russian attack, the Estonian prime minister said.
Kaja Kallas told reporters on Wednesday that the alliance's existing defense plans for the three Baltic states is such that it will allow them to be overrun before they are released after 180 days, the Financial Times reports.