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U.S. wants "direct dialogue" with Iran on Iraq situation

U.S. wants "direct dialogue" with Iran on Iraq situation

NEW YORK -- The U.S. is preparing to launch direct dialogue with their long-time opponent Iran, focusing on security in Iraq, the Wall Street Journal has reported.

Citing unnamed U.S. officials, the newspaper stated that it is expected that the dialogue will begin this week, Reuters said.

Turkey faces new threats which must be confronted

Prime Minister Erdoğan is so embroiled in domestic squabbling that he appears not to be aware of what is going on around Turkey, let alone the rest of the world. All of his expectations in Syria are in tatters. He also failed to comprehend the situation in Egypt in the lead-up to last year’s military coup.

Iran, US hold direct talks in Geneva for nuclear deal

Senior Iranian and U.S. officials were poised to hold direct talks in Geneva June 9 aimed at bridging gaps on Tehran's disputed nuclear programme ahead of a July deadline for a deal.

For the Islamic republic, the goal is to make a leap towards ending the international sanctions that have battered its economy.