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Netanyahu threat for global peace: Türkiye’s top diplomat

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has become a threat to global peace because of unending bloodshed committed by the Israeli army on the tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, Türkiye's Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan has said, calling on the international community to increase pressure on Tel Aviv to end the offensive in the enclave.

Israeli Tanks Seize Control of Rafah Crossing Amid Ceasefire Uncertainty

Israeli forces have reportedly taken control of the Rafah border crossing on the Palestinian side, adjacent to the Gaza Strip's border with Egypt. A spokesman for Gaza's border authorities told Reuters the checkpoint on its Palestinian side was closed because of the presence of Israeli tanks.

Israel’s economy braces for major hit after Turkish ban: Report

Türkiye's recent decision to halt all its trade relations with Israel is poised to impact Israeli consumers with sudden price hikes in a short period of time, as Tel Aviv, taken by "complete surprise," failed to devise alternative import measures, an Israeli media report has said.

Israel builds 'cyber dome' against Iran's hackers

Israel's Iron Dome defence system has long shielded it from incoming rockets. Now it is building a "cyber dome" to defend against online attacks, especially from arch foe Iran.

"It is a silent war, one which is not visible," said Aviram Atzaba, the Israeli National Cyber Directorate's head of international cooperation.

Blinken says US 'determined' to get Israel-Hamas deal 'now'

Top U.S. diplomat Antony Blinken urged Hamas to accept a truce in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to send troops into its far southern city of Rafah.

Washington has heightened pressure on all sides to reach a ceasefire — a message pushed by Blinken, who was on his seventh regional tour since the Gaza war broke out in October.