Tel Aviv


‘Istanbul / Tel Aviv’ concert by Muallem, Karbasi

Istanbul's Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall will host a concert by Israeli musician Yinon Muallem on April 8. The concert, titled "Istanbul - Tel Aviv," will feature compositions inspired by the musician's biographical book of the same name, inspired by his memories of two different countries and cities he lived in.

Air Blockade in Israel until Netanyahu reverses Judicial Reform

The situation in Israel is getting more and more complicated. There will be no flights from Ben Gurion International Airport until further notice as part of a large-scale strike announced by the Labor Union on Monday morning to protest judicial reform. This was announced by the chairman of the Committee of Airport Authorities of Israel, Pinchas Idan, quoted by the Jerusalem Post.

Opposition to Netanyahu's legal plan mounts after protests

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plan to overhaul the judiciary was facing mounting opposition on Monday, with the country's ceremonial president urging for an immediate halt to the legal changes. Universities countrywide shut their doors in protest and trade unions were expected to call for a general strike.