Tel Aviv


SPIRIT launches start-up accelerator in Israel

Tel Aviv – An accelerator for Slovenian start-ups was launched in Tel Aviv on Sunday, featuring nine Slovenian tech companies working in various fields until 11 April. The project was launched by SPIRIT Slovenija agency in collaboration with the Slovenian Embassy in Israel and the Slovenian Enterprise Fund. “In the last decade, Israel has become a global leader in terms of start-ups.

Rabbi who took shelter in Istanbul mosque returns home

A rabbi who took shelter in a Turkish mosque during a massive snowstorm in Istanbul that ravaged the Turkish metropolis a few days ago has finally arrived in his native Israel.

Israel Elbom, a 62-year-old rabbi and kashrut supervisor who was on a work assignment in Istanbul, was brought to a mosque by security forces after being stranded on a highway for half a day.

Tel Aviv is the most Expensive City in the World, according to the Economist's Ranking

The Israeli city Tel Aviv is the most expensive city in the world, according to the British magazine "Economist", DPA reported. As a result, it de facto dethroned the French capital from this position. Paris remains in second place, which it shares with Singapore. Next on the top positions in the ranking are Zurich, Hong Kong and New York. Last is the Syrian capital Damascus.

Witness in Netanyahu corruption trial killed in aircraft crash one minute before Samos airport landing

Israeli media have revealed the identity of the two passengers in a Cessna aircraft who died after the plane crashed yesterday into the just one minute before it was to land at the Samos airport.
The victims, according to the Times of Israel were Haim Geron, a witness in the Netanyahu corruption trials, and his wife Esti. They were the only passengers on the plane.

An Israeli ship attacked with unknown weapons

The information is transmitted by the Lebanese television Mayadeen, referring to "reliable sources" who were said to be familiar with the situation, writes Sputnik.
Sources said that a fire broke out on the ship and that the merchant vessel was "hit by an unknown weapon". No group claimed responsibility for the reported incident.