Country: Albania
Tiranë District
Population: 418 495

Rama Conditions Medical Degrees on Five Years’ Work in Albania

The decision came as a measure to prevent the migration of medical students from the public university, who for years have left to work in Europe, especially Germany, soon after getting their degrees.

The plan has been public for some months, but was only passed on Wednesday and Prime Minister Edi Rama delivered the decision himself, wanting to send a "message", while presenting it.

Rama threatened Serbia

The Albanian Prime Minister said today that if Serbia does not soon release the three recently arrested Kosovo policemen, it will mean a return to the cooling of relations between Tirana and Belgrade.

Interventions to tone down rhetoric 

A temporary lull in Greek-Albanian diplomatic tensions has arisen ahead of the Greek elections after interventions from Washington, Berlin and Brussels.

Diplomatic tensions rose between Athens and Tirana after the arrest and imprisonment of the newly elected ethnic Greek mayor of Himare, Fredi Beleri, just two days before local elections in the neighboring country.

Beleri responds to election victory with unity and equality pledge

Fred Beleri, the Greek minority candidate in the Himara region of southern Albania, has responded to news of his victory in the local elections held on Sunday. Despite his current detention by Albanian authorities on charges of vote-buying, Beleri expressed a commitment to equality and unity.

Beleri wins Himara mayoral race in Albania’s local elections

Fredi Beleri, the candidate representing the Greek minority, emerged victorious over his opponent Jorgo Goro, who had the backing of the Edi Rama government, in the race for the mayor of Himara in Albania's local elections.

The official results were announced Monday after an earlier interruption in the vote counting process.