Country: Albania
Tiranë District
Population: 418 495

No more Flights between Bulgaria and North Macedonia in the Near Future

The Bulgarian airline GullivAir has stopped selling tickets for the Sofia-Skopje flight since May 21, the specialized aircraft portal Ex Yu Aviation announced.

According to Macedonian media, the flights are carried out with 7-8 passengers, and there were cases when there were only two or three people on board, less than the crew.

Albania President Wins Constitutional Battle to Stay in Office

Albania's President, Ilir Meta, will end his mandate in office after winning a Constitutional Court battle with the ruling Socialist Party, which dismissed him via a vote in parliament nine months ago.

In a verdict on Wednesday, the Court said the accusations made against Meta "do not constitute serious violation of the constitution".

Albania’s Rama Appoints Spokesperson to Run New ‘Information’ Agency

A BIRN Freedom of Information Request has revealed that Prime Minister Edi Rama on 29 September last year appointed his own former spokesperson, Endri Fuga, as head of the newly established Media and Information Agency, MIA. The appointment was not published and was disclosed only recently following the FOI request.

Albanian Football Federation Chief’s Home Hit by Explosion

The home of the head of Albanian football's governing body, Armando Duka, in the coastal town of Durres was targeted with explosives on Monday evening, causing damage but no casualties.

Police said on Monday night that the explosive device was placed at the gate of his apartment and that "an investigative unit is working to clarify the circumstances of the event".

Missing Millions: Albanian Parties Underreport TV Election Ad Spending

The CEC, which is tasked with auditing the reports, is still crunching the numbers from the last election, which returned the Socialist Party of Prime Minister Edi Rama for an unprecedented third term in government.

But data from the financial reports seen by BIRN, compared with the going rate for political advertising on television, gives cause for suspicion.