Gate installed on Mount Fuji trail to control crowds

A crowd-control gate was installed halfway up Japan's Mount Fuji on June 17 ahead of the July 1 start of this year's climbing season, but the governor of Yamanashi, one of the two prefectures that are home to the mountain, said additional measures are needed to control overcrowding on its lower slopes.

Mesarovic meets with Japan's state minister for economic security

TOKYO - Serbian Minister of Economy Adrijana Mesarovic met with Japanese Minister of State for Economic Security Sanae Takaichi in Tokyo on Thursday, expressing the hope they would work together on boosting bilateral economic ties to open up mutually beneficial opportunities for citizens and companies.

Momirovic: We are creating new chapter in Serbia-Japan economic relations

TOKYO - Serbian Minister of Internal and External Trade Tomislav Momirovic, who is heading a Serbian state and business delegation on an official working visit to Japan, said on Wednesday there was great potential for further development of Serbia-Japan economic relations and that work on signing a bilateral agreement on investment protection must be expedited.

Mesarovic: Serbia is Europe's investment hub

TOKYO, - Serbian Minister of Economy Adrijana Mesarovic said in Tokyo on Wednesday a Serbian delegation had come to Japan with a clear message that Serbia was Europe's investment hub.

In a statement released by her ministry, Mesarovic said Japanese investments in Serbia in the past 12 years totalled 473 euros and that the cooperation had been stepped up in recent years.

Momirovic: Large Japanese business delegation due in Belgrade in October

TOKYO - Serbian Minister of Internal and External Trade Tomislav Momirovic said on Tuesday in Tokyo the level of Serbia-Japan trade was significant after reaching 330 mln euros last year, but that the goal was for it to exceed 1 bln euros a year in the coming years.

Mid East tension hits stocks, hopes for containment stem losses

Equities retreated on April 15 after Iran ramped up Middle East tensions by launching a barrage of missiles and drones at Israel over the weekend, fuelling fears of a wider conflict in the volatile region.

However, analysts said there was hope among traders that the crisis could be contained.

That sliver of optimism helped drag oil prices lower.