Bulgaria Ranks 58th by Human Development Index

Bulgaria ranks 58th in the list of countries in the 2014 Human Development Report (HDR) released on 24 July in Tokyo.

The HDR covers 187 countries across the world and is published annually by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Bulgaria belongs to the group of countries characterized by high human development.

UN human development report faults inequality

Governments must act together to lift more people out of poverty and reduce inequality in a world where the 85 richest people have as much wealth as the 3.5 billion poorest people, the UNDP says Improvements in life spans, education and incomes are slowing due to natural disasters, misguided government policies and worsening inequality in a world where the 85 richest people have as much

Countdown begins for Golden Orange Film Festival

The 51st Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival will be held between Oct 10 and 18 with a particular focus on films from Spain, the guest country Turkey’s premier film festival will be back for its second half-century in just three months’ time, as the 51st Golden Orange Film Festival brings together stars and top-level cinema in Antalya between Oct. 10 and 18.

Japanese artists stage exhibition at House of King Petar I

BELGRADE - A group exhibition by Japanese artists "Mutex" (Mu - Musashino, tex - textile) will open on Tuesday at the House of King Petar I in Belgrade.

The authors of the exhibition, Junko Suzuki, Kakuko Ishii, Mitsue Ito and Koko Shimomura, will present the works of art created at the Tokyo-based Musashino Art University's textile department.

UN: Two-thirds of world will live in urban areas by 2050

A new United Nations report says that the world population is increasingly urban with more than half living in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 66 percent by 2050 More than half of the world’s seven billion people live in urban areas, with the top “mega cities” - with more than 10 million inhabitants - being Tokyo, Delhi, Shanghai, Mexico City and Sao Paulo

Sofia Is The Cheapest EU City for Expat Living - Survey

Sofia is the most affordable EU city for expat living, shows the 2014 Mercer Cost of Living Rankings annual survey. 

The capital of Bulgaria takes the 172-nd position out of 211 surveyed cities. 

Compared to the 2013 survey, the cost of expat living increased, shows the survey. Last year Bulgaria was at the 181-st place.